Not sure what Ms has done in the latest updates -- but I can't get any sound now from APPS like VLC / Windows media player etc etc - although Windows sound events work perfectly !!!!!.

HDMI works fine but Analog fails if I'm using a bog standard monitor with RGB (old VGA cable) connector and sound out from the computer (analog).

Before the update the sound devices were just the Ms HD audio -- and that worked 100%. Now wretched update keeps on insisting that it installs the VIA HD audio --that's when the trouble stsrts --there doesn't seem to be a way of blocking the install of that set of sound drivers. For once the MS drivers work better than the "official ones".

Even if I install the Ms ones manually - the wretched VIA ones get installed again after the next boot.

Can't see any way of stopping the install of the VIA drivers. If I disable the device then of course ALL sound stops.

Any ideas !!!! (BTW build 9879 - previous build works fine).

Note this is on a REAL machine not a VM and its build 9926. Fails both with Enterprise and PRO X-64.

Suggest in the next build that specific drivers can be prevented from automatic update.

Note --I HAVE done all the obvious things like ensuring the right connections / sound device are being used and the sound device IS working.