I have a HP Pavilion 15-n020nr andfor no reason at all my laptop started making this noise. At first it was intermittent static, almost like static beeping, but then it became steady. I restarted my laptop, but it started up again once I turned it back on. I also heard it through my headphones at first but after I unplugged them and plugged them back in now it's just from the speakers again. At first it started as soon as I played any audio, and would stop about 30 seconds after I stopped playing the audio. Now it starts as soon as I start up my laptop. I tried updating my Realtek driver, and my graphics driver (amd radeon hd 8400/R3 Series) but as soon as I did my laptop wouldn't turn on at all. I had to completely reset it from the menu you get when you press esc while booting it up. While that did allow me to use my laptop again, the static noise is still there.

I would really appreciate anyone with any idea how to fix this.