Hi All,

Its me first post on your forum so I hope it is located in the right section.

Due to my relative, living in same apartment going to sleep much earlier than me and not wanting to wake my relative up, I have to find a solution. I talk on microphone a lot but if I talk, my relative cannot sleep. However fortunately sound of key pressings on keyboard is not a problem so I am searching for solution for my Windows 10 system (pc/laptop). I would like to find a working, preferable free, software where could I type some text inside. After I press particular button, the text must be converted to speech. Then this speech must be further converted, via voip software (e.g. xlite, zoiper), to input sound of microphone. So whoever I am calling via voip phone connection could hear me talking but in reality I would be typing in the software I am asking for. It is important that text is ''sent'' to microphone (identical as my talk if i was talking) AFTER i press particular button so person talking with me wouldn't hear my voice while it is STILL BEING typed. Any setting inside windows' control panel won't be solution, need separated software. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you very much.