Hi all,
Bought a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi combo adapter for my Desktop, paired my MS sculpt Bluetooth mouse to it, and all was fine.

Until the adapter decided it didnít want to work anymore, thought Iíd give it one more go as it is a cheap enough adapter, so bought another, plugged it in, and it installed ok.

Then as I tried to re-pair the mouse, the mouse is already there, tried moving mouse, no-go. Tried add device, but the PC thinks itís already paired, so I couldnít pair it, proceed to remove, and add device, no mouse...., go to device manager, no mouse....

Unplugged the adapter, and re-plugged, and mouse magically shows up again, straight to device manager, uninstall the mouse drivers, deleting software, attempt yet again to repair, still no mouse showing up, so I go and just blitz the lot, uninstalling adapter, mouse, and deleting drivers so it would get new ones.

After rebooting, plug the adapter back in, starts installing the adapter, and the MOUSE installs too!? Itís turned off, so it turned it on, not working as per.... so I start over, after unplugging my internet, disabling, uninstalling, deleting drivers.

Reboot, plug adapter in, and it manages to install with the mouse again... with no internet, so Iím thinking it didnít even delete the drivers?

Anything I try just loops back to uninstalling the adapter and mouse at the same time, as if itís permanently paired the mouse to the adapterÖ

Any help? Iíd really like to have my mouse backÖ.
If not giving up on the adapter, and buying a separate Bluetooth one....