Hello all, I've joined countless forums to try and get an answer.
I'll be as brief and to the point as possible.
I have a dell 7400 dual cpu socket. It has one x5472 processor, of which I bought another x5472. BOTH are SLASA from Coasta Rica.

However the steppings are different. I've heard it all. They won't work together. The motherboard won't work. The BIOS is the problem.
First, Intel themselves say the steppings in a dual cpu system are fine, in their documentation... if you care...
page 26

2nd, I've booted live Linux and they work great
3rd, I've booted live Overclockers stress test software and ran both all 8 cores at 100% making 6100primes a second.
4th, ran 4 cores, and it utilized 2 cores from each CPU and they ran at 100% all fine.

So it's definitely in the OS.
I have Vista Business. Went to upgrade to 7 pro which supports dual CPU and it wouldn't run.
After some research it appears there's a mix of people that had mixed stepping cpus on vista buisness and went to upgrade to 7pro and it wouldn't work. But there's a lot of complaining that 7 didn't rectify this issue. So it is widely known to be an OS issue.

So my question, will win10 support different stepping but otherwise identical cpus?

Before you ask, I can't just run linux. I have adobe CS6 suite. And I don't want to deal with opensource stuff for linux.

Thanks very much, hopefully someone can shed some light here.