When my computer is reawakened from sleep mode I get several warnings: It warns me that the battery backup
is no longer connected; and several warnings that the USB device last connected has malfunctioned. At first I
thought it was the printer because I couldn't print so I tried to reinstall the drivers which was no help.
This led me to the Control Panel, Devices and PRINTERS where in the line called "Unspecified" there was
another icon in there for my printer. I right clicked on that printer icon, selected the troubleshoot
option which brought up an option to apply a fix. After restarting everything worked again, printer,
bat. backup, flash memory sticks and in Devices & Printers Unspecified there is only one item. I thought
I had everything fixed but I was wrong. The next time I opened up the computer all of the warnings and
Devices & Printer icons came back. This time I know what to do, use the troubleshooter, but that's a temporary
fix. Could someone here guide me towards a permanent fix? Almost every time I let the computer sleep it dose
this, there have been a few times it woke up and was normal. May be it's having nightmares or something.
This all started with the up grade to Windows 10.