Windows 10 will not find my Lexmark CS310 printer that I want to use as the default printer.

After first installing Win 10, It found the printer and let me set it as the default. The printer was repeated in the list of printers in this way:
Lexmark CS310
Lexmark CS310 (Copy 1)

When I deleted the "Copy 1" listing, Win 10 removed *both* listings for the printer and now cannot find it. I have searched in various ways including the one about my printer is old, but all to no avail.

I can still print using that printer, but it will not retain it as the default (so I have to manually select it each time) and will not add it to the list of printers.

I read the thread "Turn On or Off Let Windows 10 Manage Default Printer in Settings" then checked my settings and saw that "Let Windows manage my default printer" is selected, but the computer does not retain the Lexmark CS310 printer after printing with that printer and cannot find it when I search for the printer.

Thanks for any suggestions.