So this is really starting to f**k me off...
Basically I have a Samson Meteorite USB microphone, and I use it for Skype and communicating in games. Ever since a few weeks ago, I noticed my sensitivity levels on Skype were going up and up as I spoke, and then not coming down, even though I had "Automatically adjust microphone settings" unchecked. When I look on recording devices on Windows, the sensitivity also adjusts on there. I have tried moving the slider back down on both programs only for it to go back up again. I have also adjusted the microphone sensitivity on Steam, but that changes accordingly too.

It is highly annoying considering it adjusts to stupid levels where my microphone picks up everything and my friends begin to hear echo too. I have been looking at posts about this for a couple of weeks now and a huge amount of people seem to have this problem, mostly to do with Skype, and they all say the same thing:
1. Make sure "Auto-adjust" is unchecked in Skype settings.
2. Make sure "Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device" is unchecked in Audio settings.

Basically I cannot find any other more advanced explanations or solutions, apart from some program someone wrote to readjust it automatically every second, which in my opinion is not a feasible solution. This annoys me so much because it should just be so simple and not cause any hassle, but also because I have literally no idea what could be causing it to automatically adjust itself. I had a thought that it could be other programs that have access to my microphone that are adjusting it but firstly I unchecked option 2 ^ and secondly I have no idea what other programs would use my microphone.

NOTE: Also just to add, I have a web-cam and its sensitivity adjusts itself too, so it's not my microphone.
Any help would be much appreciated, and maybe there are other settings I have missed?

Many thanks in advance,

Windows 10 (64 bit)