Windows 10: Hard drive failure Solved

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    Sorry, just had to respond to this:

    You can only write so many times to an SSD while a mechanical drive uses the armature and read/write heads that fail over time.
    Back in the days if you wanted reliability you picked scsi drives. Ordinary HD drives IDE or SATA don't come close.
    Nowadays any consumer SSD far surpasses any mechanical drive really.
    Sure, they're more expensive but I'd only buy a mechanical drive if I'd wanted a 8Tb one for a video library or something like that. A drive you'd only use once in awhile. IOW, huge storage devices that don't spin all day.

    Other than that any SSD will beat a mechanical drive's MBTF hands down nowadays. Just look at the specs.
    90% of the top servers are running off SSDs 24/7 nowadays, they're way faster than any scsi spinner, more reliable and last so much longer. Not to mention they're a lot greener too. A lot.

    Anyhow, sorry about the interference....

    There's a lot of misinformation floating around or so it seems.


    EDIT: Wd Raptor? Really? They're just high rotation ( say 10 or 15 RPM 2.5 Inch disks attached to cooling ribs
    They're noisy and SLOW by today's standards, even compared to a regular 3.5 inch spinner really.
    Lowish capacity too and are these around nowadays ?
    Don't think so. Most of the time the stuff we, consumers get is old tech server stuff anyway....

    Anything based on semi-conductors will often outlast anything with mechanical parts now. By a large margin.
    Same goes for the controller parts, be that passive or active parts. Trust me, you can easily build SSD's (or other stuff) now that could last a 100 years and beyond. Easy.

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    Speaking of Raptor type drives when the 13gb barrier was still being broken and borked?! at first it wasn't WD that got the bad rep since the Raptors were the rush of the XP days back then! The Maxtor 16gb drives is what I had heard the bad news about! "Those d_ _ drives flew apart on me!" was one complaint heard by someone is far above average! I was told to stick with WD back then and so far that advise has held true for every build since whether spinner or not!

    As for the initial problems with how many writes that plus the still high price tags being seen is why many elected to stick with the mechanical type while it was mostly those with gaming rigs looking at custom installing everything onto larger what? Spinners while only seeing the OS on the new SSD! If you pay a visit to the other SevenForums site you will find any number of SSD threads going back 6yr.s or so when they were first being looked at.

    As for going with any SSD that will eventually come when they are not overpriced outrageously and offer larger capacities which are now being seen between the 1tb - 2tb size drives but for as a much as a new build can be put together for! I got 4tb total for what? $140 compared to $800 for 2tb model? I'll pass! I'm the "Skeptical Inquirer" as to why pay out that much when the present builds are working fine with the mechanical drives?
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