Greetings y'all,
I've got a situation over here. I have two MS Lifecam HD-3000 USB webcams that I use for surveillance. For years, I've used a program called Contacam, put out by one fellow somewhere over in the UK ( - Video Surveillance and Graphics Software). It's a great little program which allows for some pretty granular motion detection, which is exactly what I need (I'll say a few words about that at the end). So this set-up has served me well, and even worked with the initial release of Win10, up to and including the last RTM - build 1511 TH2.

On the insider fast ring here and the camera set-up hasn't worked in any build since the last RTM. I'm currently on 14271.rs1. Lemme throw a few things out there that I'm already aware of: Yeah, two USB cams same make/model... Windows used to have real trouble with this, back in Win7 days (and before), but ever since device manager was able to differentiate duplicates by appending "(2)" to like device names, I haven't had much trouble. On the software side, you just give the two devices different names upon installation (such as Security Cam (1) and Security Cam (2).

Then we have USB bandwidth... Yes, again, back in USB 1.0 or 1.1 days it would cause trouble. Ever since USB 2 and 2.1, and what with motherboards typically offering 3-4 hubs, it hasn't caused me much trouble. In my case, each camera is on it's own hub/controller with nothing else... And I still have a couple extra USB 2 and USB 3 and 3.1 ports for all my other devices! I reckon we can eliminate the "same make and model" and "USB bandwidth" issues.

Here's the meat: The devices install plug & play. Device manager see's them and differentiates them. The silly Win10 Camera app actually WORKS! It's the only thing that does! Not only do I get a beautiful picture from the MS camera app, it's got a screwy looking transparent icon at the top center of the screen which when you click on it, switches to the other camera! Beautiful picture there too. So both cameras work, both drivers work with no conflicts, both everything is fine and dandy... As long as you use the MS camera app.

I can't get ANY other software to connect to the cameras. I've downloaded iSpy, and about 6 others... Each and every program (including my beloved contacam) can SEE both cameras upon installation... This is normally a procedure of somehow clicking "add camera" and then using a drop-down box (or similar UI) to select the device manager tag "MS Lifecam HD-3000". But nothing can connect. I just get black screens on both cameras for all apps except the silly MS Camera app!

I'm wondering if its some sort of timing issue. So I monkey around with video resolution and FPS settings. To no avail, the default settings are usually correct anyway, but it doesn't seem to matter because we are not getting any video stream to "adjust". All the programs are failing at the connect phase.

I've been trying to run this down for a couple days now. I'm pretty tech savvy. I'm educating myself on WDM drivers on account I've seen that referenced in many of the 3rd party programs I've downloaded... In that they usually say something like "Our software supports thousands of USB web cams - anything that uses WDM drivers".

Any thoughts or ideas? I can answer questions about my system specs, and go fairly deep tech-wise. I'm retired now, but I once was a PC technician! Ha!

Lastly, I have a sort of business/hobby which requires the surveillance. In case you are interested, because it is a bit unusual. I'm not watching baby sitters or cats. I have animals outside. The animals are alligators, in a big pond. My house sits mostly on land, but extends out over the water a bit. The house is raised about 8' off the ground. Here in Southeast Louisiana, this is very common. We have these things called hurricanes every now and again, and when they come, you pray 8' off the ground is enough! I currently have one nesting female, just under the house. Spring is coming. She is laying eggs. Alligator eggs. I've illuminated the nest and focused one of the web-cams directly on it and her. At night, snakes, skunks, racoons, possums, you name it, want to come steal her eggs and eat them.

My job is to keep that from happening. I NEED my surveillance with motion detection sounding an alarm at 3AM! I can stomp on the floor above her nest to scare off the critters! Watching all this is great fun.

Do you have a nesting alligator under your front porch?

Please help.
Mr. Joey
The Heart of the Bayou!