Windows 10: How to install PCIE SATA 3 board Solved

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  1.    02 Mar 2016 #11

    robgr said: View Post
    i'll get my coat
    Well, important for one thing - don't pay extra just because the seller is trying to pass off a "SATA III" cable as something special , if they are then you probably want to find a more reputable seller.
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    Win 10 pro Upgraded from 8.1
       02 Mar 2016 #12

    Wilade said: View Post
    Success! Although I still need to determine why.

    Last night I switched the card to my other open PCIE slot AND had my external hard drive connected and turned on. When I boot the computer I could immediately see it on the initial POST screen and I was able to see the drive in explorer. I still cannot, however, see the card or the connected hard drive in Device Manager.

    I ran a quick test in HD Test and was getting transfer speeds in the range of 120 MB/s. It seems what I thought was a SATA III hard drive was only SATA II.

    I'll investigate further tonight.

    Thanks again for you help.

    Not sure of the card you purchased, the one I have will show up in the BIOS/UEFI Boot with a suggestion that pressing the M key will allow editing setting up a raid etc.
    Using this card in windows 8.1 I was required to install a Driver, In Windows 10 the card was automatically recognized. It sounds like the first PCI slot you used has an issue? Transfer speed through SATA III of 120 MB/S is normal depending on the Chipset of the external Case and the hard drive itself. I get slightly faster transfer speeds with Fantom Case and WD Black hard drives 130 MB/s and slightly less with the same case and hard drive USB 3.0 mode. I stick with the eSATA as it is more reliable than USB 3.0
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  3.    03 Mar 2016 #13

    I putzed around with a little last night and it seems that it requires an active data connection to work. I turned off my external drive and rebooted the computer and it stopped working after boot-up, nor did it reconnect after I restarted the external drive. Doesn't seem like the proper operation for an ESATA board.

    When it IS working I still cannot identify it in Device Manager so I'm not sure even what drivers are being used to try something else.

    Hopefully I will have more time tonight to try other solutions. I did connect my SSD drive to it last night and it booted fine. A quick test with HD Tune didn't show anything spectacular though. If I remember correctly the peak transfer speed was around 280-300 MB/s. Far below the theoretical top of 750 MB/s.

    I'm not giving up yet. Just need time to explore the possibilities.

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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  4.    07 Mar 2016 #14


    I have removed the card and returned it to Newegg. After connecting my other SSD to the controller it would hard lock my system when transferring files. It even happened doing a test with HD Tune and locked up within 20-seconds.

    I have a new 4-port unit from a different manufacturer on the way.

    Thank you to all for your help and suggestions.

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    Win 10 pro Upgraded from 8.1
       07 Mar 2016 #15

    I have had good luck with this Marvel Driven card on Win 7, 8.1, and 10, during BIOS Boot up you can access the card by hitting the M key, I do this and just assign the drives I'm using single drives not RAID. With Window 7 I had to use the F6 install drivers, but for some reason with 8.1 and 10 the driver were just there. I use one of the eSATA ports for daily back up routine the other for Hot Swap drive set up. the two internal ports for DVD drives I use two. No issues for several years now and one MB CPU upgrade.
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  6.    23 Jan 2017 #16

    I have pcie 2 x internal sata card with marvell chipset. I cannot find the way to enter it's configuration during the boot. Ctrl M or M don't do anything. And my 2 raid disks recognised as 2 separate disks. Any idea how can I get into marvell configuration screen?
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    Win 10 pro Upgraded from 8.1
       24 Jan 2017 #17

    You have to wait during the boot cycle you'll see the card come up showing your 2 single drives. On mine I only have like a second or two at most it usually take me a few tries being ready as soon as it comes up.
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  •    28 Jan 2017 #18

    Ok. resolved.

    first of all - there is no prompt whatsoever not even for 1 sec let alone 2.

    so I have to press Ctrl M in blind mode several times.

    second - I had to press Ctrl key and then M and then again Ctrl M, repeating the whole sequence.

    Because if I press Ctrl and then repeatedly press M - it wont work for some reason.

    this is why I thought Marvell doesn't present during the boot. Just no way to know its there until you dance the magic shaman dance with a small tambourine
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    Win 10 pro Upgraded from 8.1
       30 Jan 2017 #19

    Yes amazing how fast these boot times are now days, Glad you sorted it out. I've been using mine for about 2 years now still working great.
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