So I've recently bought an SSD Drive soley for the purpose of running Windows. The original Hard Drive was a 2TB Samsung drive that I have since formatted and using for Storage only. Installed Windows 10 on the SSD and the machine is working great, boots up in aound 10 seconds from turning the machine on.

Now heres my issue. For some reason if i turn my PC on and do nothing it will show the message no operating system found press ctrl, alt + del to restart. This is because its still looking to my original 2TB Drive to boot up. So basically I have to tap F something everytime i turn my machine on and select the SSD from the list.

Here is where things get weird. I have gone into the bios and have the choice of what the machine boots up with, so again i can select my SSD. The problem is the section where I can set the boot order default is only showing my 2TB Hard drive and the Blu-Ray drive, the SSD doesnt appear in that list. So it appears in one time boot options but not in the boot priority list so I cant set it as the default Drive.

Can anyone think as to why this could be?

Any help would be much appreciated.