Hey guys, first time posting here so if I'm in the wrong category, I'll make the appropriate switch.
Anyways, so I'm running Windows 10 and have Realtek Audio manager installed. I've had no issues so far, until I recently purchased a headset for gaming. My issue is either the PC itself or Realtek will detect the headset and mic, but if my speakers are plugged in, the speakers over-ride the headset and the sound comes through them. The microphone works as expected. I cannot seem to find a way to make my headset the default playback device, or to automatically over-ride speakers when plugged in. I have to unplug the speakers for the headset to work properly.
It's not a crippling issue, just annoying. I'd imagined both speakers and headset could be plugged in and I could disable/enable them in the Sounds menu/Realtek at leisure depending on the situation. If anyone has an idea about how to fix this it would be appreciated. Thanks guys