Hey people,

I've got this weird thing going on on my 4 rigs at home. (2 desktops, a thinkpad and a NUC so it's on various devices. And sound drivers)

When I put my volume low, every volume percentage below 5 just disables sounds alltogether. The moment I put it back on 5 the sound comes back but it's already pretty "loud" cause it's on 5...

Not the end of the world but pretty annoying, anyone run in to it yet? Trying to google it proves a royal PITA. I installed all my rigs from the same windows 10 image downloaded with the setuptool from the MS website...

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So that setting above would result in no sound. I have it on Realteks, Creative, HDMI audio from the NUC. Only time that I don't have it is with remote audio.