Hello! I have an issue where sometimes when I boot up, I don't even get to the board logo screen because it hangs on "B4". This board shows 9C, then B4, then flashes the rest quickly. Sometimes mine hangs on B4, the first B4, not the last. Pressing the reset button usually does the trick, but sometimes it does not, and will never stop. At this point I hold down the power button to turn off, and press the "Clear CMOS" button. Normally this would not be annoying, but I have different drives, and boot order by default does in alphabetical order, and my main OS (Windows 10) is on a Samsung drive and the other is on a Crucial drive. As you can imagine, it can be annoying to change the order back and configure everything right (and also move the DVD drives to the end, as it will not boot with them in from unless there is a bootable CD/DVD inserted). I have updated the BIOS version to 1.90 from 1.80 but it did not help. Any ideas as to fixing this?