Hello My friends. Thanks in advance for your Help :):

Could you please Help me to reactivate IRST in W10? I need to add ssd disk in Iintel Rapid Storage Tech app and volumes (Disk Manager).
I do not see the 32Gb ssd there. In Bios it appears so i am sure ssd disk is ok. Error happens After a hard disk 500gb formating on my Dell 14z-5423.

I do not even have the ssd disk in the IRST app neither in Disks.
yes, I can see in Windows devices on Storage devices as Intel Chipset Raid

I also tried the command rstcli but receive an error "1: Can not get system information"

Could you please help me to reactive or add in the IRST and Disks ?

Here 3 screens about it:

Many Thanks

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