Hi everyone

The issue i have is that when i connect my laptop to my tv via HDMI i cannot get any audio, the video works like it should. It constantly says "not plugged in" and is greyed out in playback devices. The issue is only when running windows 10, when i boot into Ubuntu on the same machine the HDMI connection works perfectly so i figured it cant be a hardware problem....

I have tried installing AMD legacy drivers, updating my graphic and audio drivers through windows updating and searching the web for older drivers as it has worked in the past. I have also performed a reset in win 10 because had been playing around with scheduled tasks to try and improve boot time on my ageing machine.

Also tried starting the computer with the HDMI cord already plugged in and the TV on just in case it was some sort of issue recognizing it getting plugged in. Have also tried deleting drivers and restarting with the cord still attached.

My Laptop is a Compaq Presario CQ62 402AU
CPU - AMD Athlon II P360
Graphics card - Radeon HD 4200 series

I apologize in advance if i have posted in the wrong section, i have been searching for a solution for a week now and cant seem to find anything that fixes my problem

Thanks in advance for any help