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For those running Windows (retail ) or a Windows server version on one of these excellent little Cube boxes you can ignore the base system device driver when you look at the system devices list -- doesn't effect the working at all.

I know some people use these as NAS boxes - or even as a great desktop (although for use as a desktop you really need to add a decent video card - note I/2 height with small form factor bracket needed.).

Anyway here's what to do if you want to fix the problem (I don't like missing drivers even if I'm not using them !!).

What it is : It's the built in controller for HP's ILO stuff - remote console control on setup / boot -- not needed for Home / domestic stuff or if you set up with a console attached.

Anyway download these two drivers from the HP site - can't directly access the link currently but it's OK and the missing drivers are now installed (screenshot 3).

Ist screenshot shows missing driver

2nd screenshot - what to download from HP -- for W10 choose W2012 server R2 as your OS when you get to the site -- the drivers work for W10 X64.

3rd screenshot shows all fixed

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