Title more or less says it all. Since upgrading to Windows 10, my VIA Envy24 chipset sound card will no longer play in 5.1 via SPDIF. Prior to the upgrade, it functioned flawlessly.

The strange thing is when I play the test tones for Dolby & DTS in my Sound properties, they play perfectly, reflecting that 5.1 via SPDIF is working fine. However, when I attempt to play a movie in Kodi, my receiver simply will not play in 5.1. I've double and triple-checked my Kodi settings (e.g., of course passthrough is enabled; I've selected the correct audio output device), and I know it's not an issue with my receiver.

I have the latest drivers from VIA, which unfortunately are not all that new.

I know there's the lengthy thread above about similar problems with Realtek cards, but haven't seen anyone mention the Envy24 chipsets. Is there a generic driver I could possibly use (I assume there's no way to use the Realtek driver with my card)?

Any ideas/feedback would be greatly appreciated.