SSD worth it?

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    DooGie said:
    My Sandisk is 480GB and I probably only have 40 GB taken up with Win 10, MS office and a fair amount of regular apps.
    So I'd get a 250GB so you would have plenty of room for adding other stuff. In fact I wish I'd gone for a smaller one now.
    That's affordable enough. Thanks! However, I've got 592 GB on my current C drive. How am I going to manage the transition?
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  2. whs
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    I would recommend a 128GB size. For the OS and a bit more that is ample. I run all my systems on 60GBs - old habit from 2008 when SSDs cost a fortune. But my laptops I have upgraded to 128GB. They also have a 128GB USB3 stick for the data. That makes the data portable.
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  3. whs
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    wreckwriter said:
    That's affordable enough. Thanks! However, I've got 592 GB on my current C drive. How am I going to manage the transition?
    Way over 500GB must be data that I would move outboard to an external disk.
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    Looking at your system specs. Your PC does come with a hotswap 3.5" bay. If it were my PC, I would replace it with this: Vantec 2.5-Inch Dual Bay Trayless SATA III - 6G Mobile Rack (MRK-225S6-BK): Computers Accessories
    SSD worth it?-51j-lgxj-fl._sl1000_.jpg
    Which can house 2 SSD's. Then get a 120GB SSD & a 1TB SSD
    1. Put Windows 10 + Apps only on 120GB SSD. I have a fully loaded Windows 10 & Applications installed (Adobe Photoshop/Acrobat Pro/Audition, MS Office, Video/Audio editors etc...) and it only took ~30GB)
    2. Move personal data to 1TB SSD. This will be easier for Windows backup/maintenance & in case your Windows becomes unbootable then you don't have to worry about losing personal data.
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    davidhk said:
    Call me chicken-garbage.
    I agree with all the others David, once you get over being nervous on doing the SSD install, you will kick yourself for not doing the upgrade earlier. I have no idea what make your laptop is, because you have not filled out any info on your System Specs part.
    Their are lots of us that would love to help you with the upgrade. Many of us also have years of experience in doing upgrades on computers. You might even find some video's on You Tube showing how its done, to give you an idea. When ever you decide you should know, you have lots of help with the process......if you need it. :)
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    Thank you.

    I might eventually. It's not a priority though.
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    Lots to consider. Thanks guys!
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  8. TV2
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    davidhk said:
    Open my laptop, undo the hhd, install the ssd............... everthing that goes with the process.
    If you take the laptop to a small PC repair shop (if you have one nearby) you can pay them a small fee to install the drive for you while you watch. They can even restore your image to the new SSD too.
    Once you have seen how the process is done you will not be so nervous about it.

    Better yet, if you have a friend that has done this before, have him/her show you!
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    wreckwriter said:
    Lots to consider. Thanks guys!
    I did it several years ago. That was the best decision I made. I tried several models of OCZ, Sandisk and Samsung for historical reasons.
    Right now, all five machines (4 Desktops and 1 Mac Book Pro) are using SSD. They are ranging from 128 GB, 240 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB.

    In fact, I just installed mSata SSD in my Dell XPS 8700. I noticed you have a gaming PC. I don't think you will have problem. May be just a little challenge. Do your research fully about AHCI, SSD performance and data migration. You'll be fine!
    Just remember, “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”

    Let's go Mountaineer.
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    whs said:
    The 1TB Mushkin is $250. I have several Mushkins. They are greart SSDs. I have also other makes (Intel, OCZ, Sandisk) but the Mushkins are the fastest. I will never buy a spinning disk again. SSDs is the way to go.
    Hi there.

    I wouldn't say that. As James Bond re-iterated : "Never say Never"-- SSD's great for OS / scratch files such as Photoshop etc - but would you really want to have several TB of SSD's for things like multi-media files / NAS servers etc.

    For things like NAS / robust file sharing Green / Red 4TB WD (or larger) 6 Gb/s HDD's are just fine -- you don't want SSD's either in a RAID config

    To store the OS on -- absolutely 100% SSD all the way. SSD's particularly good for mainly reads - I wouldn't use them for robust multi-user access writes. There's no advantage in using them either for media serving --just hugely expensive when a decent 4 or even 6TB HDD would be just as efficient and hugely cheaper. Until a 12 TB SSD storage array is roughly the same price as 2 X 6TB or 3 X 4TB HDD's and as robust I'll wait on that. I re-iterate though all my OS'es and applications whether Windows or Linux are stored on SSD's.

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