I have another post where people are helping me with BSODs on my gaming pc whenever I play games and they suggested I run driver verifier and send them the two more bsod minidump files. My question is once I enable driver verifier how long should I wait to disable it? If I don't get a bsod within the first 1 hour of it running should I turn it off and assume my drivers are not the problem since when playing games I always get the bsod within the first 15 minutes.

One more questions, they recommend that I turn off auto restart when I get a bsod, but if I do get a bsod with auto restart disabled how would I boot up again during a bsod? would I just press and hold the power button on the pc?

here's the link to my other thread in case you want to look at it.
How do I read/analyze this dump file so I know what is causing the BSO - Windows 10 Forums