I figured this would be the place to go for this, so here goes. I'm trying to run Star Wars: Battlefront in Dolby Atmos which requires me to bitstream the audio. I have an Atmos receiver and am running HDMI from my Nvidia card to the receiver. I'm able to choose "Atmos" in the game settings (so the game clearly "sees" that I have an Atmos receiver), but when I go to play the game, my receiver GUI shows "multi pcm 3/4" so clearly I'm not running Atmos.

For the record, I have run Atmos through my PC, but I had to use MPC-HC with my LAV filters set to bitstream but I can't for the life of me see where I can change those settings in a general way for the operating system to make it work with the game. I believe it's the operating system, as a few others haven't had problems running Nvidia cards and windows 7 - Atmos works just fine for them in-game. Help!!!!