Just recently I had this weird issue. My PC crashed (with BSOD) and brought me to the BIOS for some reason. I saw then that my SSD dissapeared from the boot menu. I shutdown my computer and restarted it and was able to boot back in, but a blipping white dash appeared on the left corner above my screen appears which normally shouldn't happen.

Regarding the BSOD, I am going to try to get a dump file from it but I have to check if I even have one since the dump thingy on Windows 10 has changed. I can't reach my computer yet for it so I'll post that up ASAP if necessary.

What I think about the problem is that either the SSD itself is starting to fail (Although HDTune & Intel Rapid Storage says good health) or some of my ports are starting to fail.

Now before I forget to mention, I did replace the SATA cable plus I put it into a different SATA port on the MB. It still gave me the blipping thing but that's pretty much it. The computer runs fine but I am still worried since this also happened last year in September. I thought a reinstall of Windows would've helped but it didn't.