Windows 10: Weird motherboard beeping/memory issue. Help?

  1.    20 Jan 2016 #1

    Weird motherboard beeping/memory issue. Help?

    I'm kind of at my wit's end right now.

    I had this issue when I first built my PC a few years back but ultimately had it "resolved" until last night

    The motherboard is very, very weird about how I put the sticks of RAM in and I guess even the order I put them in. If it didn't like the way I put them in (4x4gb) then it wouldn't POST and instead beep rapidly, reboot, beep rapidly, and repeat the cycle endlessly.

    I've got two different brands and speeds (1600 and 1333, I guess) and I keep the pairs together in slots 1/2 and 3/4. Suddenly last night I kept getting BSODs like crazy, then finally I was getting one when trying to boot, then Windows 10 said it needed a startup repair. Then somehow it just started working again, but I did a memtest86 pass and I got a ton of errors on test 4.

    So today I took the sticks out and have been trying to get them in to the point where it POSTs and then running memtest86 each time. 0 errors on each test. And now I can't get all 4 sticks back in. In fact, I can't even seem to get two back in. I just had 2 in slots 3/4 and got it to POST and was running the memtest, and while typing this just now it actually just shut down, restarted, and did the crazy beeping and now won't POST again

    Any ideas?

    I ordered a 16gb RAM kit last night that comes in tomorrow, assuming based on the errors that it was bad memory needing replacing

    The motherboard is a Gigabyte G87X-UDH3. Based on what I can find, the rapid beeping with this motherboard is an issue with the memory.
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    Are yo installing the DIMMs in the order specified in your motherboard's manual?

    Pairs are supposed to go in slots 1 and 2, or 3 and 4. However, the slots are numbered (from the rear of the board) 1, 3, 2, 4.

    Does clearing the CMOS help?

    Good luck.
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    Same brand, same speed, different batch is bad enough and that's why they sell them in pair. Before ordering the 16GB RAM, did you also check for compatibility with your MB documentation ?
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    Popped in the new sticks that came in today in slots 2 and 4, along with the sticks I left in there from last night in slots 1 and 3, and it POSTed on the first attempt. Memtest is running now.

    *Fingers crossed*
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    No good. Despite passing the test, it'll POST but then automatically restart. It works fine with just the new memory in.

    Would this be because of the timing differences? 9-9-9-24 and 11-11-11-28
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    malrats said: View Post
    No good. Despite passing the test, it'll POST but then automatically restart. It works fine with just the new memory in.

    Would this be because of the timing differences? 9-9-9-24 and 11-11-11-28
    I haven't mixed RAM in a long time. I dimly recall manually setting the timings in the BIOS.

    The simplest thing to do is to not mix RAM.
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    I'd assume I'd have to manually set the timing of both to match the slower of the two?

    Although honestly, if I have 16GB working without issue, do I really even need an extra 8GB? Having 24GB SOUNDS nice, but I don't know that I'd even see a benefit. I'm mostly a gamer.
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