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    Win 10

    I am running on an Intel DX58SO motherboard and recently upgraded from Win 7 to Win 10, at which point one of my CD/DVD drives disappeared from "This PC". I checked BIOS and saw that both drives were listed and recognized, one on SATA port 2 and one on SATA port 3. SATA 0 is my SSD drive and SATA 1 was unused. On a whim I moved the CD/DVD connection from SATA 2 to SATA 1 and discovered that both drives were then recognized by Win 10. I then moved the second drive's connection from SATA 3 to SATA 2, only to find that the second drive had disappeared from Win 10. When I moved the second drive's connection back to SATA 3 the drive reappeared in Win 10. Note that in all configurations the BIOS correctly recognized that both drives were present.
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    windows 10

    I was a little nervous of the 2nd option as I was not sure I understood the methodology described (right pane action "create new DWORD EnumDevice1 and set its value to 1"). So I decided to bite the bullet and follow method 3, copy/pasting reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001 into the Run field and clicked ok.

    ^^^^^ Since 1 and 3 didn't work for me I'm trying method 2 but I don't know how to "set its value to 1" could you please tell me how to do that part?

    Method 2 worked for the sony AD-7260s. Thanks.
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    Windows 10

    My HP desktop has two CD drives. One is a CD/DVD drive and the other is a Blue Ray drive. It recognized the Blue Ray with no problem, but it is the other one that it will not recognize.
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    Windows 10

    Read carefully,
    I have 2 different models of LG Blu-Ray writers installed on my system, one will not show up in windows 10.

    The problem with the missing drives is the Windows 10 update which "FOLLOWS" the original Windows 10 "INSTALL" that you perform online to update your computer from Win 7 or Win 8.
    1)Both of my drives shows up in windows 7, 2) 'Online updated to Win 10 and 2nd Drive don't show up 3) Installed Win 7 again, then updated to win 10, same issue, was there in 7 but gone in 10.
    4) I decided to make the Win 10 CD and again freshly install Win 7 then update to 10 from it instead (of from online) and I disconnected system from internet 'After' the install/update to windows 10 was complete 'The 1st time'

    5) Windows 10 now performed perfectly and showed both Blu-ray writers no matter how many times I re-booted or powered down my system.

    6) Once I connected back to the internet, after a few re-boots/power-downs of 'normal use', >>> An automatic Windows 10 update was done :-( , THAT UPDATE KILLED THE 2ND DRIVE.

    FINAL > if you want both drives
    A) go back to using Win 7 or 8 until Microsoft fixes the issue
    B) install Windows 10 from a CD and try to disable their online update (or unplug you internet) as soon as you can after it's installed (internet connection required during the install but 'That' update comes a little later).
    C) now if you want to keep both drives or even the missing 'one' drive you never had but now do, just try to keep Win 10 from updating until you find a true fix online or Microsoft fixes it. But there you go, that where the problem is and here it originates.
    I knew nothing wrong with my system and I wanted to find out why, all those installs do take time and I found that Windows 10 can operate properly, but it's getting updated to not.
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    Windows 10

    in my previous post,Excuse the flaws in my grammar , I was in a hurry to post, here's a few corrections : Where it originates , nothing Was wrong with my system , (or unplug your internet) .
    I'm just trying to say that Windows 10 really do operate property if installed from a CD, it's their last update that took away it's ability to see drives properly. I don't know how to fix it, but I did find a work around and where the problem lies, they can now compare and maybe fix their mess.
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    Windows 10

    PS: save yourself time and effort, none of the previous post fixes the Win 10 missing drive issue.
    A Windows 10 Upgrade from a CD will give you full functionality of your drives , be it 1 or 2 that you have installed.
    They will be visible, with or without a CD installed in them. They will be visible in both Device Manager and Disk Management.

    Since you didn't use the CD, when upgrading to Windows 10, it needs internet connection and will get updates and files to complete the install process.
    It's after it's all installed that 1st time that another update will follow shortly after a few reboots/shutdowns of normal use.
    It's that update and upon it's re-start that will have killed your 2nd drive and it will appear not to exist on your system.
    you're now back to the same problem as online update from 7 or 9 to win 10.
    Got it ?? You have to stop that final update to win 10 from installing, it contains the flaw.
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    windows 10

    orlbuckeye said:
    Does the DVD drive show up in the device manager? Is there a yellow triangle next to it?
    That's what I have but the device manager says code 52: windows cannot verify the digital signature....
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    windows 10

    Hello, I upgraded from Win 7 Ultimate to WIN 10 online. My PC has two LG drives - one DVD/burner and one Blu ray/burner. After the upgrade, both drives were gone. They dont show in windows explorer, neither they show in the "device manager tree". The only unusual thing that appears in the device manager is that there is "other devices" node with "RAID controller" subnode that has a yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in it. What should I do? Edit - I upgraded to Win 10 this saturday.
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    Windows 10

    Yep me too

    I spent TWO HOURS via chat with MS tonight trying to fix the problem... the short answer is they can't. I updated from 7 to 10 and now my cd/dvd drive is gone. All she could suggest in the end is reverting back to 7. I cracked open my "midi tower" and there was no info on the cd/dvd drive re make and model. You can put a disk in it and the drive tries to play it but Windows doesn't know it exists. Very frustrating... I thought my transition to 10 was seamless.... sigh....
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    windows 10

    DVD Drives problem solved - found answer on Internet
    The trick is to uninstall all IDE ATA/ATAPI controlers in the device manager and reboot. Many thanks to Ivan Gospodinov that posted it .
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