I have a GA-F2A88XM-D3H

I have been told that although it supports 7.1 channel, this unfortunately is different to 7.1. virtual surround sound, is this correct ?

when I connect my headset, Windows has options to test out 7.1 virtual surround speakers and each seems to give the required response in my headset....ie. surround sound.....

I had a turtle beach x12 which gave very good surround results until it went faulty...I bought a hyper X cloud 2 headset which gives poor surround with and without the USB inline sound card.....I,play counterstrike mainly and there are many comments that say this headset is bad with this game, whereas the cloud 1 gives very good surround.....there is possibly a performance difference between the two, regards cabling....the other thing is that many of the views of good surround results with cloud 1, may be from players with good sound cards ( people with a cloud 2 are unlikely to have a good sound card or they would have bought cloud 1 )
So I am considering changing my cloud 2 for a cloud 1 and either a- use the built in soundcard of my motherboard or b- buy a reasonaby priced gaming soundcard which will give 7.1 virtual surround sound and give good results with the cloud 1

sorry for such a long story, but have been trying to resolve this for some time