Hi all. I ask for any pointers to start looking at this if you can.

This week after some updates from MS in my W10 OS I noticed that clicking the middle button is not working at all. Normally in a browser you can open in a new tab or close a tab, etc.

I have a Microsoft wireless mobile mouse 1000. Whet I get this mouse and connected for the first time (windows 8 at the time) some driver was installed and also "Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard center" was downloaded and installed. Everything worked fine. I upgrade to W10 and no problem with this until earlier this week.

Testing the options in the Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard center, none of them works when I click the middle button. I just download and installed the version from the site. Installed in a regular fashion and in compatible mode for W8. (can you believe this is not for w10?

The scroll function works fine even the Flip scrolling direction.

Later I went to a DELL desktop (W8) and I tried the MS mouse there and works fine. Maybe I have to "tell" W10 to forget his is a MS mouse and to have the default driver. If such, how?

Also, I tried the mouse from that desktop here in windows 10 and works fine. (dell mouse without installing anything myself).

Any ideas are welcome and appreciated,

Best regards and thanks for your time