While my question involves BSODs, I'm more befuddled by the results from Hardware and Devices Troubleshooter, thus my post in this forum. Please excuse me if I posted in the wrong section...

I've had a few BSODs recently with SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION. My first guess is they are most likely related to either:

1. Overclocking RAM from 1866 to 2133 or
2. EaseUS Todo Backup looking to update to external HD currently loaned to a buddy.

I OC'd the RAM last weekend and then removed the external HD several times this week. The backup software was scheduled to automatically run and I simply canceled it when the prompts appeared; but I leave my PC running all the time, so I missed many of the prompt cancellations.

So, I just paused all of the backup activity and lowered RAM back to 1866 (ran stable on Prime95 at 2133 for 24 hours after I increased it, but with the external HD attached).

For good measure I ran sfc /scannow and it detected, and fixed, an issue.

I then ran through the troubleshooters. Hardware and Devices indicated I need to restart my PC to finish installing drivers and updates, but I don't know which one(s). I've now done this three times and the troubleshooter makes the same recommendation.

I had experienced something similar a couple months ago, but it eventually sorted itself out. I believe it was related to my Wireless Adapter, but am not 100% on that...

The system appears stable again, but it makes me curious as to what the problem is.

I have drivers set to install automatically and all drivers and software are current.

My Wireless Adapter had a driver update a few weeks ago and it had a few problems at the time, but now appears stable.

Also, I updated the AMD Crimson VGA drivers and software last week directly from AMD, not through Windows Update, which might be the issue as it usually takes some time for Windows Update to catch up with VGA drivers, as I understand it.

There are no obvious problems or conflicts in Device Manager, either.

When the BSODs occurred, the "fix" reached 100% but did not restart. Each time I had to hard reboot and the system booted normally.

Windows Event Viewer shows 3 Critical Kernel-Power EventID 41s in the past 24 hours (hard reboots I assume). It also shows DriverFrameworks critical errors 10110 and 10116, which makes me wonder if there isn't something more to the Devices and Hardware Troubleshooter problem.

(I was also testing various CPU OC settings last weekend as well, thus another 8 hard reboot critical errors when stressing failed. While I haven't confirmed, I'm thinking errors 10110 and 10116 probably occurred during stress tests, too.)

Here is a screenshot of Event Viewer:

Click image for larger version. 

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Any help is appreciated and thanks for taking the time to review!

Be well,