Why does one HDD show more properties info than another?

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    Why does one HDD show more properties info than another?

    When I do a "Properties" on my J: HDD it shows "Used space", "Free space" and "Capacity" for this HDD.

    Why does one HDD show more properties info than another?-f-j-properties.jpg

    When I do the same for my F: HDD it shows ZERO for all three. See above.

    BOTH drives are NTFS. Also when I do properties on a folder on J: it shows "Advanced" properties and I can encrypt the folder. Again when I do the same on a folder on F: it doesn't show "Advanced" properties and I can't encrypt the folder?

    Why is this and how can I make disc F: behave like disc J:?

    Thanks in Anticipation....

    PS I'm on the latest update of Windows 10 Pro on a 64bit desktop.
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    This would help us determine the problem:
    Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of - Windows 10 Forums
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    Is there any difference in security permissions for these two drives? I.e. could it be that somehow the existing set of permissions for drive F: prevents the current user from obtaining the stats?
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    Granted the previous properties snapshots were from File Explorer but I'm not sure what more information can be gleaned from Disk Management snapshots? Anyway, I have redone them through DM (they look exactly the same BTW) as below....

    Why does one HDD show more properties info than another?-f-j-properties-again.jpg

    As to permissions.... I am the ONLY User (and Administrator) of the system so I expect I will have complete access to ALL information on ALL drives? I will "play" with permissions and see if there are any developments?

    Apart from one dynamic drive I played with (software RAID mirror) all the other drives were setup exactly the same.

    Thank You for your replies :)
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    I would copy all the files off of it to another location, delete all the partitions (looks like only one), and create a new partition. I prefer to use MiniTool Partition Wizard over Windows Disk Management. If you don't need file permissions set you might even try just converting the partition to FAT32 and then back to NTFS using MiniTool Partition Wizard.
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    Hi there
    with that size disk (> 2TB) it's best to use GPT anyway.

    So assuming there's no data on that hdd use the following commands (as administrator from the cmd prompt :

    SELECT DISK disk nn where nn is the number of your disk which has the properties problem
    EXIT .

    I think you'll now find HDD works fine.

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    Thanks for your replies :)

    I am using this disc as a backup for another and I have JUST copied 1.6Tb to it. I was hoping for a more friendly recovery solution. The data on it is fully accessible and I "sync" the other drive to it regularly.

    The drive it replaced has gone back to Western Digital to be replaced under warranty so I will format THAT and copy this to THAT when it arrives in a week or so (I HOPE). In the meantime it's accessible so is serving its' purpose

    I hope the problem doesn't repeat itself with the new drives? I will check before I copy ALL my data to it. I will try to encrypt the folder BEFORE copying into it.

    Thank you all for your replies
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    Can you open Disk Management again, Click on View->Top->Disk List
    I have seen cases that a large HD (> 2TB) being initialized as MBR disk and this is wrong.
    Look at the Partition Style column and make sure that your disk 6 (F: drive) is a GPT disk
    See screen shot;
    Why does one HDD show more properties info than another?-.jpg
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    Did as you suggested and can't tell which disc is which as there were NO Volumes IDs or names as they are disks 0 to 9 but ALL the discs were/are GPT except for the Bluray.

    I worked out (and you said so too) it is Disk 6 which is Basic 2794.39GB 1MB Online RAID GPT. The RAID part surprised me though as it isn't one of my RAID drives!? My RAID drives are ALL 4Tb (or 3925.90GB as displayed).

    This whole problem has me puzzled though. It (DM) also says one of my drives is missing when it was removed months ago????
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    Linux Mint 20.1 Win10Prox64

    It should be set as GPT only. Double check your BIOS and see if you have it set as RAID on this port instead of Sata.
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