AMD memory speed issues

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    the memory shots you requested.

    AMD memory speed issues-2016-01-16-6-.pngAMD memory speed issues-2016-01-16-7-.png

    here is the best I could do using your alt print screen method.
    thank you for teaching it to me.

    To repeat everything works well but the memory is no faster as reported from tests with the new 2133 mem than with the old 1600 mem. maybe I should just return the new memory?
    If you look at two screen shots the one on right shows the profile xmp 1.3 but yet maximum bandwidth of pc3-12800. why does It not show pc3-2133? Can you explain some of the other numbers? I do not have a clue.
    the object of this exercise is to increase the reported speed in the tests and nothing else as everything works fine.
    Your thoughts please.
    Roe5685 and yes I do not know how to shrink down the font!
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    Screenshot normal computer memory

    AMD memory speed issues-2016-01-16-3-.png

    note that this computer CORRECTLY shows the correct ddr4 2133 not a marked down one like the AMD computer.
    That is the issue. Why does the AMD computer mark it down. The manual says it handles to 2400 and you can see the XMP is mentioned?
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    Roe5685 said:
    note that this computer CORRECTLY shows the correct ddr4 2133 not a marked down one like the AMD computer.
    That is the issue. Why does the AMD computer mark it down. The manual says it handles to 2400 and you can see the XMP is mentioned?
    AMD memory speed issues-untitled.png

    The RAM in my machine is DDR4 2666. Notice what CPU-Z reports for it.

    The actual operating frequency is:

    AMD memory speed issues-untitled2.png

    I don't know why CPU-Z reports the way it does, but the maximum frequency listed appears to be for the highest non-XMP frequency.

    I suggest that you stop obsessing over CPU-Z.
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    i have found a good memory speed test program.

    As you can see the scores on left (intel machine ) are fair. On right the 2133 memory (amd machine ) does not get an adequate score. I could put in slower memory and be no worse off????

    AMD memory speed issues-2016-01-17.pngAMD memory speed issues-2016-01-17.png

    next I am going to put the old memory back in having taken out the faster 2133 there now and lets see!!
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    messed up
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    Ok so you are asking about the Kingston HyperX Savage 16GB Kit (2x8GB) 2133MHz DDR3 Non-ECC CL11 DIMM XMP (HX321C11SRK2/16)?

    looking at your cpu/z screenie for that ram your northbridge is reporting 2207? remember its dual channel so the 1070.2 is x 2.

    apologies if im getting the wrong end of the stick but your new kingston ram is running perfectly in that rig :)

    remember the ram in your other rig is DDR4 regardless of frequencies DDR4 is much faster in benchmarks (not so much in real world applications)
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    Please check my specs. Do we have the same Mobo? And similar CPU?

    Are you running latest BIOS 2501?
    SABERTOOTH 990FX/GEN3 R2.0 | Motherboards | ASUS USA

    I think Archie is right, but maybe you still have questions?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails AMD memory speed issues-lightscreen.1453031085.jpg  
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    Look at the scores! The brix on the left with lower grade memory gets higher scores than the AMD computer on the right.
    The AMD motherboard takes to 2400 so that not the issue.
    I use lots of Kingston ram so that not the issue.
    What I am now going to do is:
    Take out the new fresh ddr3 2133 Kingston mem and put back the lower grade originally put in years ago when memory was very expensive.
    That ancient memory is not to be sneezed at:
    G. Skill DDR3-1866 CL 10-11-10-30 1.5V
    PC3-14900 8GX4 intel XMP ready
    I will use the XMP facility in bios per TenForums and the manual.

    And please continue to be aware the AMD machine is fast and snappy on both the old and new memory.
    The issue is that when we looked at our several machines at home and work what came up was:
    With the exception of 4 computers the memory tests showed top 10% or better up to top 1%.
    The 4 computers 2 AMD and 2 e3-1200 servers showed top 30%.

    Thanks again, Roe5685

    Do you predict worse scores? Am I missing something?
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    I have the same CPU and MOBO. And I believe the memory is the same, too, but not certain. G.Skill Ripjaws X-Series DDR3 1866 (PC3 14900) Model F3-1866C9D-16GXM.

    Using BIOS 2501 this memory can be increased from 1866 to 2133 pretty easily. Here are the screenshots at 1866:

    AMD memory speed issues-2016_01_17_14_10_541.png AMD memory speed issues-2016_01_17_14_11_232.png

    I'll go into BIOS and increase to 2133 and post those results next...
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    You can not really compare with i7 and DDR4.

    AMD does not have support for DDR4 yet.

    My result:
    AMD memory speed issues-lightscreen.1453039864.jpg

    OPS I forgot to change BIOS to higher frequency, I was still running at 1600...

    Her comes new result.

    AMD memory speed issues-lightscreen.1453040474.jpg

    AMD memory speed issues-lightscreen.1453040611.jpg
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