Hi All,

I have been building my own machines for as long as I can remember and since upgrading to Windows 10 last year all was fine until I tried burning a few disk to archive.

When inserting any writeable DVD-R, CD-R, or BR-R into the optical drive the system is stalling and then crashing.
After checking this via Task Manager and Resource Manager the OS Drive, in my case C:\ is maxing out at 100% Disk usage.
There is no process running as it appears that the OS is trying to read the disk yet after about 10 seconds the system stops responding and eventually system halts and I have to manually restart.

Attempts to Resolve:
Clean install of Windows 10 Pro - 64Bit
Different Optical Drive used (all same results)
Only OS drive and Optical drives activated
Open writeable disk with Windows only and Nero 2014, both same results.

I have also looked into the registry of windows and drive cache'ing.
Also, when I burnt last with success it was with Windows 8.1 Pro 64Bit.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as I've only found 100% disk usage with registry fixes which don't relate to inserting writeable disk causing the 100% usage.

Thanks in advance!