Hardware not always recognised on start up since last Win 10 update

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    Hardware not always recognised on start up since last Win 10 update

    Hi everyone,

    Happy New Year. I have just joined this forum to ask for some help please in solving a very annoying issue I am having with my desktop PC. I have recently updated my Windows 10 Pro to the latest version and since then everytime I start up my PC it's a gamble whether all my hardware will work. I have had issues with practically every bit of hardware, including my network card (which is part of the motherboard, my Asus Xonar Soundcard, my TBS satellite card and I suspect alsoissues with my Pioneer BDR-208 burner. At times I restart a few times and all is good.
    Yesterday I reflashed the motherboard bios however the issues are still present and since thse issues have surfaced since the last major Windows 10 update I am starting to believe it's a Windows 10 problem.

    Any ideas if there is a work around this problem please?

    Many thanks

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    Hello jascha Welcome to the Ten Forums!

    I think you likely "Hit the Nail on the Head" with your own description as far as the November Threshold 2 10586 version 1511 build being an "Upgrade Over" the 10240 July release if you never signed up for the Windows Insider Preview builds. The main problem while some upgrade installs seem to go 100% ideal is that things don't always go on like they should with upgrade type installs! The key term for that is "Buggy"! or the upgrade install turns out to be a royal headache! All kinds of small to large errors, programs not installing as they should, Windows and apps freezing up on you, etc.!

    As you can see the list can easily go on and on and on.... until finally the ultimate solution is seen to namely replacing a buggy upgrade with a fresh clean install of Windows that generally solves the problems! Many don't like hearing that but with any new version of Windows as well as simply seeing upgrade installs over even the same version one should expect that fresh clean installs are the rule of thought to be prepared for in case needed.

    You can try a few things like running the Disk Check tool having that scheduled for the next startup as well as the System File Checker(SFC) typing the "sfc /scannow" command in at the Run command line or opening up an elevated command prompt with a right click on the Start button while the extent of the problems would tend to suggest a buggy upgrade for the 11/11/2015 Threshold 2 Update is what you ended up seeing. I know it can be a pain where it counts to have to go back and start all over fresh again! But this sounds a bit like it will be needed.
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    Thanks very much Night Hawk! I would say OUCH!! And when I should have kept my cloned drive C on a separate HDD as it was and not rushing to update that too with the latest update! HUGE MISTAKE! Now I have 2 options, either wait for a further update if Microsoft will deliver one soon or indeed reinstall which I don't wish to. Any chance of going back to the previous version without reinstalling please?
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    That will depend on a few things for trying to revert backwards. If the Windows.old folder for example which is one necessity was left intact it would possible to turn the pages back. Often however a reverse direction still could end up needing a full install of the previous version. So it can prove to be a Catch 22 if that for some reason doesn't go well.

    The guide you will be needing to go over fully and carefully for that is seen at: Windows 10 - Go Back to Previous Windows - Windows 10 Forums

    You will want to pay close attention to the notations there as well. The author there puts a lot of time and effort into testing these things out before posting each new guide. So you can be sure the information is accurate! The guide has been updated as well due to when that was originally posted during the early Tech Preview stages of 10 until the more recent Windows Insider Preview builds leading upto the July release were out. I doubt anything changed that much for the Threshold 2 there while the upgrade itself is still the chief suspect

    If you should end up needing a clean install of the previous in order to upgrade to 10 again save yourself the hassle and simply put 10 on fresh! That will save you a lot of unnecessary work. Going back to the 10240 at this time however would be pointless since the 10565 or 10576 builds just before that saw no problems upgrading to the 10586 Insider Preview here and then onto the TH2 10586 being the general release.

    And if you ran the DiskCleanup tool by chance none of that is going to help you much! That would remove the previous version's files as part of the cleanup process forcing a clean install. That would rule out going back to the 10240 for sure. Going further back to 8.1, 8, or 7 at this following the TH2 wouldn't work and would require a clean install since that would going backwards through two consecutive installs which will never work. I thought I should mention that so there won't be any confusion if that is what you would be trying.
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    Hi again,

    After doing some research online yesterday I figured out that I can go back to the previous build of Windows 10 I had as the major update I made was made only a few weeks ago.I only came across your kind reply just now and after I went back to the previous version and am simply reporting that the process went very well and very quick.I just went into settings, updates and security, recovery and chose the 2nd option to Go back to an earlier build. I still had the Windows.old folder untouched so at least I had the option to try it out and nothing to lose I guess considering that the prime suspect in my case is the latest update. I think for now I just monitor the situation and see how it behaves every time I start up and if no issues are present as I mentioned in my first post, then I can point my finger to the 1511 update. Is that fair to say?
    Until Microsoft come up with a new update I shall stay away from the latest update on my desktop at least. My other 2 laptops seem to work fine with the 1511 update so again it's all very confusing.
    I thank you for your time to help me out and will still refer to your suggestions as after all this information is worth knowing. I shall report back if for a time all is good or if I encounter any issues again.

    Cheers :)
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    W10 Pro x64/W7 Ultimate x64 dual boot main - W10 Pro Insider Preview/W7 Pro x64 - remote pc

    The update from the 10240 to 10586 would be buggy as some others have also reported. But when installed fresh or updating over either the later 10565 or 10576 builds the TH2 update went on smooth as silk as compared to the initial bugged upgrades I saw originally with the July 10240 release! It's still good to hear the reversion back went well for you however as one simple item being missing could have tripped up the works on you there.

    A nice fresh install of the TH2 shouldn't have any problems as that saw corrections from how the 10240 build had been and so far still running well on the main here. The second desktop still used for Previews will now be seeing the 11092 there as well as the 10 VMs I have on both machines. For the present the 10586 1511 TH2 version upgraded over the Insider Preview of the same will remain on permanent on one drive while 7 still occupies the other OS on the main build. The Previews however will be in flux on the second machine used as a test vehicle for the most part.
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