So I recently purchased a new laptop that has Windows 10 installed (Acer Aspire E5-573G) and I would like to change the way the touchpad taps work. Specifically, I would like a middle click from a three finger tap. It's an ELAN touchpad, if that makes any difference, and I have installed the latest drivers.

Everything I looked up on google said to either use some program from ELAN, or to edit the registry. There currently is no program installed on here from ELAN, and all the google results I could conjure up while looking for a download for the program are people wanting to get rid of it. The only thing in my programs and features from ELAN is what I believe is the driver - "ELAN HIDI2C Filter Driver X64"

The suggested registry edit also isn't available for me. That is to say, the path "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Elantech" does not exist.

I'm not sure what the correct way I should be going about this is. Everything else regarding the touchpad works as intended, but I have no way of customizing it beyond the settings in windows. And since I have zero interest in having Cortana or action center being on my computer let alone as mouse commands, those settings are completely worthless to me.