I am installing new drivers after an upgrade to windows 10 from windows 8.1 and I have 2 separate issues.

The page I am using for drivers is here:
MSI Global

And I am following the suggested order.

1) When I began setup for the Intel VGA driver I received an error message saying that "This computer does not meet the requirements."

- I skipped it and continued down the list of drivers but I am concerned since the second monitor I want to use is still not working.
- The Nvidia VGA driver installed correctly.

Is this a normal error and I should accept it as I do not need that driver or should I find another Intel VGA driver to try?

2) I have installed the Killer LAN and Killer Wireless LAN drivers for my laptop. Do I now need to ALSO install the Intel Wireless LAN drivers or no? Is it optional or required or don't do it at all?

Thanks for your help!