OK - 2 sound issues - the sound icon at lower right no longer functions on left-click, only right-click. I can change the sound via keyboard slider, but this doesn't actually alter the volume. I have noticed the mouse does change the apparent volume (on screen, not actual volume, but only when hovering over the on-screen slider). Why sound would work for one song, then not work for the next song I don't know.

When I go into playback properties and try to "test speaker" it says it's in use by another application, but there is no application using it. Task Manager doesn't show any likely programs and there's no sound playing. I quit Windows Media Player and all that's open is chrome and some windows

I'm seriously getting pissed of by this new Windows. It's like they deliberately removed functionality, or they added new stuff which ****ed things up. How can MS programmers be so bad?