The issue is; when I pair a device with my computer using Bluetooth I am no longer able to unpair, or even uninstall the device, as if i do, somehow windows will just automatically reinstall it even if it's not connected. This means that if i connect the device to something other than my computer, I can no longer re-pair it with my computer as it thinks that the device is still paired.

When I pair the device from the Bluetooth section of control panel, the device will disappear from the control panel Bluetooth menu, and the only way to see that the device is connected is by looking in device manager.
Here is an image I have found of what the Bluetooth section of the control panel should look like with paired devices:
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Now here is what mine looks like even though I have a number of devices connected:
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Here's what I've Tried
I have removed, and completely uninstalled all Bluetooth devices from the PC using device manager (even the hidden devices), and also uninstalled all Bluetooth applications from the control panel.
After doing the previous steps, I reconnect the Bluetooth dongle (ASUS BT-400) and install the driver I downloaded from the Asus website. As soon as the driver for the device install, all of the previously paired (since time began) devices will install and windows will think they air all paired (again I can see this though the device manager).

I had this issue when I was on windows 8.1 and I have it again now. I did a clean install of windows 10, and the issue still persists even though I have tried two different Bluetooth adapters (to make sure one wan't faulty). How is Windows storing these devices to re-install even though they're not connected?