Just passing on this unexpected gem to those who might have need of a good small monitor - in this case 19"
Only it is not a "monitor" sold in the "monitor department".

This is an Insignia "19" HDTV on sale at BestBuy for 79.95. Right, it does not have an omni-way adjustable stand, does not have terrific speakers [but far better than any of my laptops], does not have VGA or DVI inputs [don't need], but the display, the options, the setup, the ease of "getting it right" and the bonus of having auxiliary functions [CATV, other devices, etc] - i can't beat it anywhere near the price.

Matte [non-glossy-non-reflective] surface, highly tolerant viewing angles, crisp image. Viewing angles are IPS grade - they don't call this panel IPS but I"m hard pressed to see any distinction. I also have a Samsung 24" IPS HDTV which is one of their highest-rated models per reviews. The Insignia is every bit as good, picture-wise,, and far easier to setup and get a good image [the Samsung is awful in that regard - way too much work and it is finicky, shifting image values dramatically based on input, and VERY hard to get right with a laptop via-hdmi].
I actually think the Insignia may be a little better on sound but that may be because of how I have it sitting.

So if you're needing an extra, very lightweight, very low power consumption and highly attractive display, i reco.