I am having a very odd problem with a brand new laptop which installed Windows 10 when I powered it up. The laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15.

Because I'm in Canada, someone, presumably the government, decided that all computers sold in Canada had to have a uniquely Canadian keyboard that replaces the traditional wide Left Shift key with two keys: a narrow Left Shift and then a new key containing backslash and vertical bar and right and left guillemot (the symbols used in French for quotations), which sits between the Left Shift and the Z. You probably won't be surprised to hear that I have no use whatever for this new key and that my baby finger inevitably hits that key instead of the Left Shift when I want to capitalize on the left side of the keyboard.

The normal solution to that is to use a program like Sharp Keys to remap the new key so that it is a second Left Shift key, meaning I can hit *either* the "real" Left Shift or the remapped key to get a Left Shift. That worked perfectly for me in Windows 7 and 8. It ALMOST works in Windows 10 too with one critical exception: some of the keys on my keyboard do NOT shift when I use the remapped key, although they shift fine when I use the "real" Left Shift. The keys that won't shift with the remapped key are: X, S, W, and 2/@. When I use the remapped key with any of those 4 keys, no character prints at all, not even just the lower case version of the key. All the other keys seem just fine with either Left Shift.

I'm completely baffled. Have I got a defect in my keyboard? Or some kind of odd bug in the Sharp Keys program? I'm leaning toward the latter but have no idea how to proceed.

My typing speed is not great at the best of times but it falls dramatically if I can't get that stupid unwanted key to turn into a Left Shift that works with EVERY key, not just most of them.

Any suggestions?