Hi All,

Just joined the forum to ask this question because you all seem like a knowledgeable group. I updated to Windows 10 just after it came out over the summer, and it worked great for a month or so. Since then, my touch screen has been acting up on my Dell XPS 15 9530.

At times, it works perfectly. My "System>About" will show 'Touch Support with 10 Touch Points,' Device Manager will list the touch screen under HIDs, and the touchscreen is fully functional. However, for no reason that I have been able to discover, it not only stops working, but the laptop also seems to forget that it is a touch-enabled laptop from time to time. Device Manager will only list Airplane Mode options, and the "System>About" says 'No pen and touch available for this display.'

These days, when it does work, it's on startup, but this isn't always the case. It does sometimes begin working again while I've been using it for some amount of time (it's hard to tell when this happens because there's zero indication that it has begun to work again). Regardless, most of the time the device is convinced it isn't touch supported, whether on startup or not.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I'll try to provide any info necessary to get to the bottom of this one.