Since I updated to Windows 10 build 1511 my sound is really weird in youtube, vlc and other players.
The sound peaks in volume. This happens a lot when there's speech involved. There's no stable volume and no depth overall.
I've tried a bunch of realtek drivers (from the new one to the one I have now 6.01.7484) no result.
I'm using the onboard sound of my acer M33985 ipimb-ar motherboard.
My speakers are Logitech Z506.
I've set the sound options to 5.1 and all the audio enhancement to off (tried everything but no result)
Everything work fine just for the strange audio volume peaks.
Before the update everything worked fine.
Any thoughts or are my ears failing me? :)

(p.s. my english isn't my first language, sorry if I messed up) :)