Hey all. My set up is:
Windows 10 Pro 64
Hero VIII mother board
500 gb ssd hd
16 gigs ddr 4 ram
Intel HD graohics

This is a new system I just finished building 2 weeks ago. Every so often one of the following occurs:
-I get a message on my task bar saying "the Windows 8 driver has crashed and recovered" Sometimes after this the cpu will freeze other times it wont. or
-My monitor screen will go dark. The power light is still on but the screen is dark. Sometimes I move the mouse and it will come back on. I can be using it and it will just go out and then come back on. or
-Sometimes when it turns black it wont come back on. I have to manually power down and power up the cpu to get it to work.

I dont know why I get the error message saying my windows 8 driver has crashed when I am not running windows 8 or using windows 8 drivers. Under device manager I see windows 10 drivers for video. I have done clean reinstalls of windows 5 times and the problem doesn't go away. Ive tried rolling back my drivers and it still wont go away. I really dont know what else to try anymore. This is really starting to get on my nerves. Does anyone have any advice for me? Thank you