My mouse was working fine but after the 12/5 updates were installed I have two issues.

1) I have to keep re-connecting my Bluetooth mouse. I will pair it and it will work for 5 minutes to an hour and then just quit working. It still shows paired, but will not work.

2) every time I reboot, I get an error handle message with only the option to click okay. I am wondering id the two are connected.

For the mouse I have done the following:

1) Updated all drivers
2) Uninstalled and reinstalled my Bluetooth hardware
3) Unchecked the power management box
4) bought a new mouse exact safe results
5) made sure all windows updates are installed

I only have one USB port, so I really want to use a Bluetooth mouse.

Ant assistance would be greatly appreciated. How do I check why I am getting the error handle message?