I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking software to control my computer because of a disability. No matter what I do Windows 10 wants to set the volume level of my microphone at 81. I don't have the boxes checked to allow software to take control of the settings although I've also tried that with no positive results. If I reset the level down to 61 my software works perfectly but as soon as it was back up to 81 speech recognition is terrible. Even when I recalibrate the microphone for Dragon by basically shouting at it during the calibration Windows 10 still sets the microphone level at 81. I also tried whispering to see what that does and at that level it also sets the microphone level to 81. Based on this I know that the problem is not caused by Dragon software.

Any ideas on how I can get the blame I will for my microphone to stay set where I wanted would be greatly appreciated!