GIGABYTE GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 Huge DPC Latency Spikes, Help!

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    GIGABYTE GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 Huge DPC Latency Spikes, Help!


    I recently upgraded my 5 year old PC and put together a new build utilizing the new 1151 chipset and following components:

    G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Intel Z170 Platform Desktop Memory

    Phanteks Enthoo Evolv Gray Aluminum / Steel mATX/ MicroATX Tower

    GIGABYTE G1 Gaming GA-Z170MX-Gaming 5 LGA 1151 Intel Z170 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.1 USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

    i5 6600k

    EVGA Geforce GTX 760 SC ACX (from previous build)

    Windows 10 OS 64x

    Ever since upgrade, I have noticed the sound to intermittently hum/distort/crack while playing music, streaming videos, and especially gaming. I don't mind the occassional pop, but with gaming, this "DPC Lag" is significantly affecting performance dropping my FPS at times from 120FPS to 15FPS in games such as Dota 2, as well as Witcher 3 ( I have not had enough time to test other games). I've attempted various solutions, including all the useless support Windows 10 moderators have to offer (Run SFC /scannow does not work, nor does disabling audio devices).

    In addition, I have disabled all CPU power options and uninstalled Geforce drivers + network drivers only to get a slight decrease in lag as noted in the photos below which were taken after all solutions were attempted. I reinstalled Killer drivers as they were out of control with spikes, and that seemed to relieve some lag from those drivers. However, the directx and geforce drivers are way high and I can't figure out what I need to do. I've also been using the resolution timer application which also assists w/ reducing latency, but not to the point where all issues have been resolved (pictures below are with resolution timer on).

    I have contacted Gigabyte and they are legitimately useless. The worst support I have received in recent age. Did nothing to help me, only told me that they were unable to recreate the issue so they can't assist me.

    I am at wits end with this issue. I have spent over 30hours attempting to figure out how to solve this problem, and without success. I even reinstalled windows 10, and some issues.

    I will provide any additional information as requested and I appreciate any assistance .

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    Your system appears to be having trouble handling real-time audio and other tasks. You are likely to experience buffer underruns appearing as drop outs, clicks or pops. One or more DPC routines that belong to a driver running in your system appear to be executing for too long. Also one or more ISR routines that belong to a driver running in your system appear to be executing for too long. At least one detected problem appears to be network related. In case you are using a WLAN adapter, try disabling it to get better results. One problem may be related to power management, disable CPU throttling settings in Control Panel and BIOS setup. Check for BIOS updates.
    LatencyMon has been analyzing your system for 1:15:36 (h:mm:ss) on all processors.

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    Computer name: TANK
    OS version: Windows 8 , 6.2, build: 9200 (x64)
    Hardware: Z170MX-Gaming 5, Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd.
    CPU: GenuineIntel Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz
    Logical processors: 4
    Processor groups: 1
    RAM: 16333 MB total

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    Reported CPU speed: 3504 MHz
    Measured CPU speed: 1 MHz (approx.)

    Note: reported execution times may be calculated based on a fixed reported CPU speed. Disable variable speed settings like Intel Speed Step and AMD Cool N Quiet in the BIOS setup for more accurate results.

    WARNING: the CPU speed that was measured is only a fraction of the CPU speed reported. Your CPUs may be throttled back due to variable speed settings and thermal issues. It is suggested that you run a utility which reports your actual CPU frequency and temperature.

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    The interrupt to process latency reflects the measured interval that a usermode process needed to respond to a hardware request from the moment the interrupt service routine started execution. This includes the scheduling and execution of a DPC routine, the signaling of an event and the waking up of a usermode thread from an idle wait state in response to that event.

    Highest measured interrupt to process latency (Ás): 2071.380206
    Average measured interrupt to process latency (Ás): 2.044577

    Highest measured interrupt to DPC latency (Ás): 2068.457830
    Average measured interrupt to DPC latency (Ás): 0.712883

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    Interrupt service routines are routines installed by the OS and device drivers that execute in response to a hardware interrupt signal.

    Highest ISR routine execution time (Ás): 5756.860160
    Driver with highest ISR routine execution time: dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation

    Highest reported total ISR routine time (%): 0.231831
    Driver with highest ISR total time: dxgkrnl.sys - DirectX Graphics Kernel, Microsoft Corporation

    Total time spent in ISRs (%) 0.255609

    ISR count (execution time <250 Ás): 4369532
    ISR count (execution time 250-500 Ás): 0
    ISR count (execution time 500-999 Ás): 11
    ISR count (execution time 1000-1999 Ás): 15
    ISR count (execution time 2000-3999 Ás): 11
    ISR count (execution time >=4000 Ás): 0

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    DPC routines are part of the interrupt servicing dispatch mechanism and disable the possibility for a process to utilize the CPU while it is interrupted until the DPC has finished execution.

    Highest DPC routine execution time (Ás): 5690.78710
    Driver with highest DPC routine execution time: ndis.sys - Network Driver Interface Specification (NDIS), Microsoft Corporation

    Highest reported total DPC routine time (%): 0.155539
    Driver with highest DPC total execution time: Wdf01000.sys - Kernel Mode Driver Framework Runtime, Microsoft Corporation

    Total time spent in DPCs (%) 0.438679

    DPC count (execution time <250 Ás): 29577852
    DPC count (execution time 250-500 Ás): 0
    DPC count (execution time 500-999 Ás): 281
    DPC count (execution time 1000-1999 Ás): 8
    DPC count (execution time 2000-3999 Ás): 3
    DPC count (execution time >=4000 Ás): 0

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    Hard pagefaults are events that get triggered by making use of virtual memory that is not resident in RAM but backed by a memory mapped file on disk. The process of resolving the hard pagefault requires reading in the memory from disk while the process is interrupted and blocked from execution.

    NOTE: some processes were hit by hard pagefaults. If these were programs producing audio, they are likely to interrupt the audio stream resulting in dropouts, clicks and pops. Check the Processes tab to see which programs were hit.

    Process with highest pagefault count: dota2.exe

    Total number of hard pagefaults 13599
    Hard pagefault count of hardest hit process: 5107
    Highest hard pagefault resolution time (Ás): 456240.192352
    Total time spent in hard pagefaults (%): 0.047789
    Number of processes hit: 49

    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    CPU 0 Interrupt cycle time (s): 193.275242
    CPU 0 ISR highest execution time (Ás): 5756.860160
    CPU 0 ISR total execution time (s): 45.869856
    CPU 0 ISR count: 4170093
    CPU 0 DPC highest execution time (Ás): 5690.78710
    CPU 0 DPC total execution time (s): 72.861553
    CPU 0 DPC count: 28315539
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    CPU 1 Interrupt cycle time (s): 50.146651
    CPU 1 ISR highest execution time (Ás): 5578.797945
    CPU 1 ISR total execution time (s): 0.506935
    CPU 1 ISR count: 198192
    CPU 1 DPC highest execution time (Ás): 206.097603
    CPU 1 DPC total execution time (s): 3.854415
    CPU 1 DPC count: 346960
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    CPU 2 Interrupt cycle time (s): 47.637826
    CPU 2 ISR highest execution time (Ás): 29.580479
    CPU 2 ISR total execution time (s): 0.003058
    CPU 2 ISR count: 1252
    CPU 2 DPC highest execution time (Ás): 225.424658
    CPU 2 DPC total execution time (s): 1.221043
    CPU 2 DPC count: 435234
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
    CPU 3 Interrupt cycle time (s): 40.688796
    CPU 3 ISR highest execution time (Ás): 7.054224
    CPU 3 ISR total execution time (s): 0.000118
    CPU 3 ISR count: 36
    CPU 3 DPC highest execution time (Ás): 290.621005
    CPU 3 DPC total execution time (s): 1.660696
    CPU 3 DPC count: 480412
    ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ _____
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    Hi, just wondering, is 'System and compressed memory' showing any significant CPU use?
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    Since you have a Gigabyte motherboard, if you have the Gigabyte supplied "EasyTune", uninstall it as it can cause noise, DPC spikes, dropouts, etc. I built a system with a Gigabyte motherboard and installed the EasyTune (V6 in my case). The PC was to be used for my recording studio and I was getting dropouts and noise. After conferring with a recording studio PC builder he found out I had installed EasyTune. He told me it was a known cause and as soon as I uninstalled it (and rebooted the PC) all my DPC spikes and dropouts went away.
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    Where you able to correct this issue ??? Having troubles with a new I7 and that same mother. Thanks in advance.
    Last edited by Brink; 25 May 2016 at 22:24. Reason: Removed quote of first post
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    See my comment about the Gigabyte EasyTune program.
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