Since I installed Windows 10, my scanner suddenly failed to function, I'd get an error that it couldn't find the scanner. I have a networked Canon MF4570DN printer/scanner.

I went to Canon and downloaded what claims to be the Windows 10 compatible package, MF4570dnMFDriversV2031W64usEN.exe. I uninstalled the existing drivers and MF Toolbox, and fired up the install of the "proper" drivers. It fails when it tried to install the scanner with no error code, just "try later". Right, that helps!

When searching the web, this seems to be a very common issue with Windows 10 and a host of printers, not just mine. So, the question is, does anyone have some "magic" scanner solutions to get scanning working again with Windows 10? Is there some residual file(s) or registry entries to wake up the scanner?