I have a Surface Pro 3. I've had it for a year, came with Windows 8 (or 8.1 - can't recall). Upgraded to Windows 10 and it worked fine.

Sometime in the last 2 months, pretty much every time I reboot, or put the computer in sleep mode, etc, ANY external device stops working. This includes:

- Type cover
- Bluetooth mouse
- USB docking station (displaylink Targus if it matters)
- USB flash drive
- etc

Everything else is fine, touch screen works, etc. To resolve I go into device manager, find the drivers with the yellow warning icon, "update" the driver and select the browse my computer / let me pick option, pick the appropriate driver, and update. After doing my Targus USB port, keyboard, and mouse, everything works. Or similarly the type cover filter driver, it works. Even the Bluetooth USB mouse - its DETECTED, and if I turn it off then it disappears from device manager.

I can't believe this is a surface pro 3 issue, but maybe. I am fully up to date on patches, firmware, etc.

I've tried all sorts of options short of rebuilding from scratch, but nothing is working. As I said, once I update the driver, it works, until I reboot/etc.

No errors in the event log.

Windows 10 Pro.

Hoping someone has advice of a trick I'm missing.

Thanks in advance for any help!!