Having sold the guts of my old PC to help pay to create a new one, I must say I'm pretty impressed at how Windows 10 handles new hardware.

I just went from a Core i5 2300 on a Gigabyte Z68 MB with 8GB 1333 DDR3 to a Core i5 6500 on an Asrock Z170 mATX MB and 8 GB 2133 DDR4. Retained the 'old' Adata 120 Gb SSD, a WD 1TB HDD, an OEM GT640 1 GB DDR5 graphic card and OCZ 600W PSU. All in a nice compact Jonsbo C3 case.

I was expecting to have to perform a full windows reinstall. However, all Windows needed were the current MB drivers and it was up and running. I did notice W10 was not activated. One nice touch I thus discovered was the ability to activate with the product key of the pervious version of Windows you upgraded from.

I remember performing a CPU and MB upgrade before with Windows XP not liking the changes one bit.

Anyone else have successes or problems with W10 not recognising major hardware changes