I have two machines that both have Elan touchpads and both of them have significant issues. One is an Asus Zenbook 303la. The other is a Samsung Ativbook 5. The Zenbook has erratic mouse movements. Sometimes the cursor will jump to another part of the screen. It also will click on stuff that I'm not trying to click on. The Ativbook has another issue. When I select something, there is a delay. I'll remove my finger and it stays selected for a few seconds. It especially has issues with scrolling. I tried configuring every option that I could think of.... I searched for a different driver to install but I didn't find anything on the Elan, Asus, or Samsung website. I tried uninstalling the driver and using the built in Windows driver. The touchpads work much better now but they are missing some features. The Samsung doesn't support double tapping for certain applications. Other than that it's acceptable. Anyone have any issues with these touchpad drivers or know of a work around?