i have important question, which is annoying me all day yet. I really dont know what to do yet. I have problem with my 5.1 audio speakers ( Genius sw-hf 5.1 4500 ,230V-EU ) . I am daily using windows 10 and i had my speakers connected to pc as stereo /2xcinch to 3,5mm jack connected to line-out conector/ . Everything worked fine.

My speakers are 5.1 and this motherboard which i bought, has 7.1-CHannel, so i wanted connect my speakers as 5.1 system and use for gaming....
Problem is that SUBWOOFER IS NOT PLAYING. I tried couple times reinstall couple drivers from realtek or check and connect speakers different way but i still didnt figure it out and its really annyoing yet. I installed windows 7 on second HDD but even in win7 is not working too! When i am using stereo then is everything fine...

Right now i have connected my speakers like this :
-subwoofer+central by reduction (which i did buy specially because wasnt in package with speakers) 2xcinch-3,5mm jack connected to CS-Out
-rear same reduction connected to RS-Out
-front same reduction connected to Line-Out

In realtek HD Audio Manager i choosed 5.1 , when i was connecting speakers i ticked what i am connecting ,but when i connected front into Line-Out it didnt pop-up any window to confirm that speakers (but they are playing) ..

When i am ticking choice ,,swap center/subwoofer output, subwoofer is playing center sound and i feel basses, so subwoofer is working, its not physical y broken,.
I want that it will all right work in windows 10.