I'm having some problems with the way windows responds to touch. When I drag a window about, there is a little bit of lag obviously - I expect that - however when I stop moving my finger the window doesn't go straight to where my finger is, it kind of decelerates to where my finger is - its slightly different from the effect of lag.

I have two touchscreen laptops with Windows 10 which don't do this - windows just zip to where your finger is, but on the desktop its a slightly strange gradual slowing.

Screen is a DELL P2314T. Button presses don't feel at all laggy. If I take my finger off the screen whilst moving a window it will stop moving instantly. It feels like a visual effect that I ought to be able to turn off but I can find any settings for it and have combed the registry to no avail.

Main reason this matters is that I want to control faders in a DAW and this effect has the impact of making this much less snappy - almost as if the movement is damped or smoothed or something. Any suggestions oln how I might change this would be very gratefully received!

I've tried all the obvious registry settings - touch prediction, friction, inertia etc but nothing seems to make a difference.